Friday, 12 March 2010 now live!

Everyone I am proud to say is now live!
Please check us out over there!
Thank you for making our blog so successful for this long.
I remember when I launched it thinkin it was the greatest thing ever!
I will never forget when I got started but this new site you have to check out!
I'm just as proud of it! Enjoy!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pac Man KNOWS... PART 2: Lets go!

CP3 and Flip Flops... Really nothin fancy, but get em!

At $23 you can't go wrong and they're mad comfy!
Debo would be jealous.
sizes: 8-14
My homies at the gym been playin in them, you should too...
Come grab a pair.

Mishka Now In!

Tacoma Plaid Flannel Shirt-Grey/Teal/Mag
The flannel joint is nice as the material is high quality and the fit is on point.
Check this joint out in person!

Death Adder-Purple
Mishka's Death Adder logo is definitely a staple in their collection.
Death Adder-Harbor Blue
Again, the Death Adder logo is classic.
This colorway will be perfect to hold onto for a French Blue XIII.

Bitmop T-shirt-Lime
Mop logo gets the bit look to it from an old school computer.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

10 Deep Spring Now In!

Sig 5 Washed Denim-Light wash
This denim is perfect for lows and mid sneakers...
The jean itself is a softer feel. Check em out as they have already started to sell out.

Sorry had to get my model on... LOL

Fight or Flight-Black/red
As you know 10 Deep light jackets don't stay. This joint is super fresh.
Sleeve also features a black on black embroidery.

Ranch Hand Jack-Lt Vintage
Denim jacket is needed for that clean look this spring and here on out...
Denim Jacket's are just the start then you need to find buttons and everything else to make them complete.

Tiger Stripe L/S
This joint is fresh with the patches on the sleeves. Camo is a good look.

Supply & Demand-Light Blue
Gotta keep you guys fresh and easy to go everywhere!
No matter if you're at the job or the club grab this joint.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Working on the site... e-mail will be down for the next 2 days at most...
Hit me at


Yes we are suppose to be releasing the Pac Man Trainers very soon...
However we have not received them yet!
We have received the first installment of the clothing!
Check it out now!

AW Loopwheeler Hoodie- Red
This hoodie features the Loopwheeler fleece and MP logo hit on the chest.

Pac Man Knows-white
Size:S-2X available

Pac Man Knows-Blue

Monday, 8 March 2010

Corporate x Fly.Union Visuals

Thanks to all who came out to support the shop and the homies; Fly.Union. Special shoutout to Skavenger Brandon for the pictures. Check out the rest at

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Clevelands Got Sole & Sneaker Friends 2010... COMING SOON

Corporate is celebrating with our family up in Cleveland for their 2nd event!
It's going to be nuts!

Then I'm headed to ATL with the Corporate team to attend Greg Street's Sneaker Friends!
I love ATL!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Jordan Brand releasing also...

Jordan VIII tee-white/purple/aqua
Taking inspiration from the original VIII throw this back to some other classic items you got.
Jordan VI tee-white/red/black
Any collector can appreciate this joint...
Tie it back to any of the VI coming out... white/red/blk, Pistons, Oreos, or infr...

Air Jordan OG t-shirt- white/blk/red
Another classic tee to bring that nostalgic value back to the game...

Releasing Saturday:
Air Jordan VIII fusion-blk/aqua
Again, JB serves up the VIII fusion in the classic Aqua colorway.

6ix rings Motorsports-white/black
If you missed out on the VI motorsports or just want to complete the set here you are.
Again, hit with the premium leather upper and black outsole.
Sneaker Dave even approved this one!