Monday, 18 August 2008

"Fresh is more of a direct science to me."

So as I make my way across the sites for the day, I found a slick article on one of the flyest dudes out, Ibn Jasper. This is the man responsible for the infamous Grammy haircut. Articles I've read have mentioned he gets a G for the haircut game these days. I love freshness but man a G for the taper! Thats major. I'm sure if you listen to Lupe you've also heard him referred to. Well take time out of your day and check this article out.

True story, when I was out in Tampa catchin the Glow in The Dark show I ran into him out in the crowd. I thought I was fresh enough so why not say what up!(Rockin Good music x Crooks and some black Laser IVs) Homie dapped me up and kept it movin.

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