Thursday, 7 August 2008

Who grinds?

As a part of one the biggest growing industries, I feel its necessary to know the newcomers in the industry! I mean I'm 22. I really have an appreciation for cats that grind. They only motivate me more to be on my hustle. One of the cats I hit up once and while is Cliff over at Burn Rubber( He's the intern over there and he grinds for the shop hard! You may be familiar with this cat. He's all over the place; Niketalk Celebrity posted up on their infamous bench with Mos, Facebook, and was featured in the sexy Nikki Jean daily blog at a instore they held. Did I mention hes a full time college student too? So check big homie out on his own blog. Keep doin ya thing homie.

P.S. Cliff dont worry I aint forget to add you to the links on the side Smokeyyy is hella busy with his site.

1 comment:

Cliff Skighwalker said...

man, i have no choice but to ssay that i appreciate the love y'all showed me...furreal