Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Deveroes x Corporate

In our shop we have on display the Da Nasty Air Force 1 because it represents the city! Well little do most know the owners behind Deveroes, Larry Driscoll and John Whacker came from the same Foot Locker company I did before Status. Larry dropped in to check out Cincinnati's freshest shop, I'd say we're creating that buzz. It was a good visit and Larry made me realize the game is good you just have to always put your all into it. Well before he had to leave, I got him to sign the kick! Look for more future projects as the shop works with Deveroes to bring Cincinnati what it deserves! Strength in numbers, thats why we're Corporate. Now all we need is Mr.Tony Heitz, Willie Starve & Reuben, or the old Bearcats to drop by! Thanks Larry for the visit.

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