Friday, 17 October 2008

Lets get it!

Fresh off last night concert and gotta say Little Brother held it down for the people that came out. Ran into Tony Heitz, Nudy and many of the cities faces! Tony was fillin me in on how big ScribbleJam is going to be this year! Be sure to go check that out the October 23-25th!

Now let's get to business... First up, new Penfield item just arrived!

The Edgewood pic does it no justice. This is a warm subsititute for the jacket! Looks super fresh with the collar rolled up or down!

We'd also like to send you over to THESHOEGAME.COM to vote on a competition between our friends at Sneaker Bistro and a Jeep Grand Cherokee that is Jordan'd out! Cast your vote now!
Whether you like it or not, I gotta roll with the home team. Joe based his whip on every fine detail of his shop! The interior features the same brick that is in his shop! The outside is nothin but promo for the shop! No questions asked anyone that peeps the car can tell exactly what is goin on at the shop shoewise! Come on how simple is Joe makin it for his crowd! Tomorrow is his birthday too. Tell the old man we said Happy Birthday over at Corporate.

Now onto our own news! We're wishin our brother, Noli a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Noli holds it down at the shop after he puts in work for the man! Catch us out this weekend be sure to say whats up! As part of the birthday celebration, WE ARE HAVING A SALE. All the items featured on the last rack are 50% off! If you're not familiar with the last rack anything that is the last of goes onto this rack to show our appreciation that ya'll come out and support the shop!

Be easy and stop by!

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JOE "MR. BISTRO" said...

YOYO wats good fam , thanks for all the love , Noli Happy Birthday Homie !!!!