Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Let's Make it Easy

Some of our shoppers lately have been coming in asking about what should I get such and such?
Well here are some picks from our staff...

Penfield dropped this vest and we got a couple sizes in. Might be a good idea since the weather is nasty. Have someone throw a hoodie and this on and your set.

Mishka logo tee is a good look! Somethin fresh and simple, not too over the top. Smart buy as this is a staple in the Mishka line.

Play Cloths Basic Tee- As you may be aware, this is definitely this seasons hot item! The Clipse presented Play Cloths to boutiques this season and Corporate was the only place in the Nati to cop it at. The next closest is Next(Cleveland) or Leaders(Chicago)!

Air Max 1- This Air Max 1 has been people's favorite as they notice the detail and feel of the leather. The influence could be said be from Chanel's infamous quilt design. Ladies can get these also as we did bring them in down to a 4!

Now for the guy looking for something nice for his girl, check out the Air Max 1 and Blazer Arctic Packs. These have been getting looks from our women as they are trying to have a sneaker that looks good with their jeans!

Any questions or need help picking an item for someone let us know! If they have ever shopped with us we know exactly what they bought!

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