Saturday, 21 March 2009

Got Sole x Corporate x Bodyguard Ha

My homie Jeff and I planned to run out to the Chi this weekend for Foams... but it didn't happen. So this morning we jumped out to Indy to check out Mike at Got Sole! We walked in and Mike impressed me by rocking the best Jordan in the world! The Jordan IV in the mist blue colorway! The shop was real clean and the feel is very welcoming and mirrors us for the most part with the brands.We kicked it talked and I walked out with a Got Sole tee and a painting after Citi verified I was actually there. Definitely left feeling even more re-energized and more excited about the future of Corporate. It's refreshing to see others in the same line of work and to see the way people do their thing. I still got room for improvement for the shop but I think we are on the right path. Thanks Mike and Diana keep up the good work it shows. Peep the Dope Couture tee Mike is rockin it'll be here soon as we now feature them at Corporate! Stay tuned told you we got something up our sleeve always.

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