Friday, 27 March 2009

LTD MAG thanks!

So last night, I was at Mixx for Remixx when I received an e-mail from the homie,Hawaii Mike at LTD saying the profile to the shop was up! I had to buy a round I was so hyped and I don't typically drink! It was crazy to me because I got hyped when Status was in the mag and now that we're in the mag I know exactly how all the other shop owners felt!Dreams come true people and you don't have to be shady to make it! Believe that! Thank you for all th support always of my dream. I could never be anything without one person walking through that door or any e-mail, text, aim conversation, posting on a blog, website or twit. More to come... I promise!

P.S. Follow me on Twitter, late night I start clownin!!

1 comment:

joseph said...

dope shit yo ! very nice that def has to feel good bro