Monday, 6 April 2009

Air Yeezy! Nike listen up!

Not 1 but 2 of Cincinnati's own drove the distance to cop and are featured in the video! I know of more also that went way out of their way to make sure they got the pairs they wanted!! So Nike please take note this shoe's demand is in Ohio also, as not 1 store received them! Please don't make my clientele search the world to obtain a shoe they want! Sit back and enjoy! Gotta say the downfall of the weekend was the shops going crazy with the mark up but hey to each business is its own. Check Jon &Corwin at the 6:00 mark!

J in the chat box, we're gonna assume this article is about you! LOL

Air Yeezy-Cincinnati, Jon James!

Click the link and read how the homie made it happen for himself! Glad people in my city got em.


Daven said...

Wow, i knew the shoe was gonna be hyped up. But i didnt know the length of how far people were willing to go. From NY to the Chi is a trip in itself. Still waiting to see the all black CW.

jon said...

we need to get a petition started so that we can get these limited releases here at corporate and save me a 5 hour trip next time. who can i contact to make this happen?