Monday, 20 April 2009

Have you been following?

So if you have been following me on twitter you've seen these pics but if not I thought I'd keep everyone up to date. Sorry for the photos from the blackberry but I left my cam at the crib, 6 am flight you have a tendency to forget things. So enjoy the pics!

Thanks P.C fam. Finally got a sticker for the cashwrap! Download that new single!
Hawaii Mike... you're new office is dope!
Damn, too late to check Flight Club out... came back though.
Posted in the park with my homie Terk. It was dope. Like I was in the scene from Kids(check it out). Classic scenery, it was crazy. Plus the weather was good.
All the people in the park...
Looked out the window...
Crazy, I ran into Alex in the biggest city...
Walked in Dr. Jay's and copped instantly. Word to Jackie Robinson from the Kid Griffey. I believe they were a NYC release only. I'll check into it and get back.
Then, hit the game. So many people in the building. Teyana Taylor is dope! LOL. Thank you very much Jordan Brand.
My plane had to take an emergency landing due to someone not closing a panel underneath...45 min delay sucked because I was so tired.

Special thank you to my homie, Mayor.
Nice Frank 151 fitted.
Homies from Champs hit me up!
DQM was cool. Supreme still had Vans.
Definitely wanna apologize to all the people I didn't have a chance to meet up with.
Time crunches suck. So chalk it up on the head not my heart, my bad.

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