Monday, 25 May 2009

Thursday night...

So Thursday, Tanya Morgan joined Wale on the Attention:Deficit tour in Columbus, so I made some calls and jumped in the car wit Skavenger B.

Now if you all remember I use to live in Columbus for a year so I grew accustom to certain things and still get a lot of love from my folks up there!

So if you are anything like me here is a list for success in Columbus..

First stop, Canes.
Order a caniac, extra toast or fries your choice, sweet tea and use the sauce!
Then as always you gotta get money, so I get my deliver game on.
Rob was in need of some new items so we got him squared away.

As we walk in, I see the homie Aaron from Sole Classics chillin, bein a cool guy...
Then we hit the show, wit my Fly U fam. Finally get to introduce em to my homie, Don Will and his group. Go cop Brooklynati and check out all the marketing backing their project! I think everyone can appreciate it!
Mr. Folarin hit the stage in the BR fitted x BBC x Air Raids for the evening wit the UCB band(Tre kills it)...
Then we peace'd out... hit Icon ridin to that new Fly U...
Stay tuned...

No matter where I am, I can't get away from work but I enjoy myself!

Naturally you get in at 5 am Friday and kill it in the shop!

Shout out to my boy B as he is starting to take the photography serious!

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