Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Ha our clientele is famous!

This guy right here...
Originally from Philly, my homie Andrew went home for the summer...
So then picks up Cartoons from Ubiq! What a come up?

Ubiq was one of the shops I would visit on my trips to visit my Uncle in Philly. Always loved the Ubiq because it was so clean and mad cool. The staff was always helpful and laid back. Picked up Laser Kobe 2k4 from Jimmy Gorecki before I knew who he was, he took em off hold for me because I came from out of town. Mason Warner at the time was the manager. Mason moved on to run WTHN for some time. Another cat that inspired me on the real. Philly is where I may end up one day. Think it's New York but without tax and controllable. When I go to NYC I always feel like I gotta keep it movin or get ran over. Shout out to the Amish people holdin it down at the Gallery! LOL I love the apple dumplings, yeah I said it thats crack! No pause!

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