Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So I know it seems like I'm slacking but there is a method to the madness... honestly we're chillin! LOL. We just dropped new 10 Deep, fall Play Cloths, Dope Couture x Corporate collab and a ton of good kicks! But coming soon we got much more!

I want to drop the preview to the New Era but my intern, Josh said I have to wait. Blame it on him not me! There are 4 colorways and I promise the storyline is ill...

Thats the difference between products from brands! Storylines! There thats the only other tip anyone will ever get from me! Anything else I need consulting fees! LOL

Thank you always for the support my city,and the people via the internet and other cities gives us! Without all that help I wouldn't be where I'm at and I know it!

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