Thursday, 3 September 2009

Vegas Photos presented by SkavengerB

As you know B traveled with me this go around as everyone wants pics but I don't have time. When I'm in Vegas I just put in work and try and keep it movin. Video coming very soon so I'll be able to explain a little more in depth...

First stop Undftd... Pat is always there and welcomes me when I come through. We caught up with Mike and Indra of Motivation! Thats family so they picked on me all day! They are very intelligent and I respect what they bring to the industry so much.
Hit Stussy next since it is right next door, met the homie J(manager of Stussy) good dude. He put me on to the freshest watches! O wait we got em coming in soon, catch up and stay on the look out as you are going to want one.He's famous...Then I put in work!

Catch me in Akomplice next project! Congrads on the line fellas!

Is this where the real Caesar lived? So many Hangover jokes!
DC Life hooked me up.... guess there are perks to being a cool guy...
Look for the Admiral Sport Spring 010.

You know Another Enemy right? LOL if you don't Cincinnati I promise you will sooner than later. Blessed Label on deck as well... We are like a lil mafia as we rolled all over Vegas.
Ya'll know Dave Jeff right? Sneaker dude. O and then Joe(LDRS). Yea thats family.
Then my big brah, Vic Lloyd. King as he likes to be called! LOL
P.S. And I was still doin work!

Did I mention Jordan Brand summer you will be all over?

You want to see complete coverage check

The video will definitely get you excited I promise...

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