Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jordan Brand Now In!

Man we don't even gotta tell people anymore how fresh the L'Style is!
Don't believe me don't worry you'll see it out! Ask Mixx(Shout out J.Rog, and them).
They respect this to any occasion.

Jordan 16.5
Cats ask why would this be in a boutique...
Don't worry about it. It looks good and still can be hooped in or rocked to look good.
The .5 series represents on and off the court...

Blase Mid-Blk/red
We might have shot an airball on the brown but this one you can see the look they were going for.
I believe these are Mixx friendly! 3rd Saturdays whats up!

Air Jordan 1 High-Black/Orion Blue
The Orion Blue is quickly becoming a dope color in the Jordan wheel.
The blue really pops on the black synthetic lizard material mixed with the premium leather toebox and side panels. The materials bring this simple colorway to life.

Blk/volt yellow
As a Bengal fan I had to really think long and hard on not bringing this Jordan 1 in.
Yet, if I didn't I'd be doing you a disservice.
The black check features a shine that is crazy!
So Steelers fans there I showed you guys love.
Who Dey!

Spizike Boot-Black
Again, you cant front that this winter you are going to be in need of the all black everything.The winterized material has been all that cats need. Check into em.
The leather on this is definitely premium!

Jordan 1 Retro Hi-silver/orion blue
So all the little girls can't get fresh in Corporate? Yeah they can.
This Jordan 1 is perfect for the season. Come grab em as it is one of our first offerings for the little one. Toddlers, Preschool and Grade School now available.
Ladies with a small foot can get into the grade school also!

60+ Road to the Finals
The 60+ collection continues to build on the stories from MJ's legacy.
We have brought in the Celtics, Cavs,and Pistons colorways.
Each limited sizing is available.

Jordan 1 Retro-Cavs
Its only right that MJ pay some type of homage to lighting up the Cavs.
The chenille swoosh and the wool upper is classic!
The leather again is a step up as it is nothing but butter!

We also brought in grade school(3.5-7) and mens(8.5-13).

Air Jordan 1 Retro-Boston
How can you forget how nasty MJ did the Celtics?
How many times he go through the legs on Bird and knocked down the J?

Again grade school are available as well as the mens!

Old School III-Blk/white/orion
The Old School III is a shoe that I play ball in. The airbag in the bag is crazy for cushioning and the forefoot makes you feel like on offense you gotta jabstep lol. Na but fa real the contrast blue is a nice touch to this. Come grab it to hoop or to rock. What do you think the inspiration was on the hell airbag?

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