Thursday, 19 November 2009

Jordan Clothing Now In!

Jordan Icon Backpack-Red or Black available.
These are a little smaller than the Nike SB bag that most rock but they are also half the price! Gotta check em out in person.
Perfect for the weekend trip or the day to day use of course.

NC17 Jacket-Blk/red
Thrown over any tee this jacket will keep you warm in the winter.

Micro Varsity Jacket-Black
Now when you think of all black everything this jacket is perfect.
As most can agree JB kills most apparel with overdone prints or the wrong placement.
That is not the case with this winter varsity. The material is a heavy fleece. The lining is a quilted silk lining that will keep you warm through our winters. The back features the classic Air Jordan with the jumpman logo. Check this joint out for yourself! Big fellas don't think we forgot you on this one.

XII Flu Game-Tee
Taking the classic scene of Scottie carryin Mike Jordan brand has given you a true collectors tee. Not bad in our eyes over here.


So as the time is coming everyone's favorite question is yo Matt can you hold me down on Space Jams? Well as most of you know I'd love to say yeah I got you I got you. Sorry I can't hold everyone down. Well here is a way for you to secure your own pair of Space Jams. We received 6 of the following tees in each color. If you want to guarantee your pair at Corporate come grab a tee. I hope this isn't too much to ask as I don't ask much of people but to support the shop.

Space Jam Tee-White and Black Available!

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