Friday, 20 November 2009

Play Cloths Holiday! Now in!

Ya'll already know... whats hotter than the Clipse and Play Cloths right now?
So like their wordplay I'm gonna go in as I run you through Holiday Delivery 1!

Still with the t-shirt selection Play Cloths continues to keep it clean and the aesthetics show true on each tee this delivery. Enjoy!

Team Spirit-Grey

Connect The Dots-white

Connect The Dots-Olive

Connect The Dots-Black

Jack Head-Black

Jack Head-Khaki

Jack Head-White

Child's Play-white

Child's Play-Black

Child's Play-Olive

You've probably seen the following items in all the most recent promo videos and it does not disappoint in person. Come get it now!

Cash scarf and Dough beanie(sold seperately)

All Play Scarf-Black/white

Iron Cloth-Red
This joint right here is crazy! Don't think its not.
Moncler inspired yes but will it kill your pocket?

The following pieces Malice sold me on in the Door Man video!
Crazy! They run big though so you might need to go down one size.

Drugstore Cowboy-Black

Ducky Sweater-Grey

Speak Easy-red
Clean lil button up with the hidden details...

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