Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Stussy Holiday

Stussy just arrived in time for the holidays... the approach again, I'm not trying to kill your pockets! We're gonna get you solid product for what people can afford!

Signature Stock-Basic:grey/teal
How easy is this tee to play on your favorite classic or even new kicks?

Tougher Than Tee-white/gold
Dope lil tee simple and easy to throw on to be fresh.

Old School Flavor-Grey
This colorway is real clean.

Knowledge Is Still King-White or Black available
One of the classics from Stussy returns to just remind yall...

Scout Shirt-Khaki
Come on now we can't always do tees so clean it up. The patches on this joint are ill. Its also a lighter weight material so you can throw it under a vest or jacket.

Natural Big Zip Wallet-natural
Burly Multi Clip Key Ring-black
Ok ok so I gotta say accessories are also a major part in the mens game, think about it everyone wears the same stuff so whats going to seperate you?

If you missed the other pieces from Stussy be sure to check em out here.

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