Friday, 11 December 2009

Play Cloths.... Its over! Holiday killed it!

Like Mayor say "I'm gonna show you better than I can tell you."
Triple Play-Black
Triple Fat Goose x Play Cloths...
The hood is also detachable and the body of this jacket came keep you warm

Dapper Scarf
The traditional ribbon meets the scarf.
Think this is the one everyone needs.

Leather head-Black
The crew is back and this was a limited style. 80 made in the world!

The 2nd offering of the limited crews that dropped for Holiday. 80 pieces made.

Which do you go with right? Pusha T's signature colorway?

The material is strong enough for you to rock alone no jacket.

Or do you go with the Malice colorway?

Gotta keep the head warm right?

Wrapped-White or Black available.
Simple exclamation wrapped in the ribbons.

PC Basic-Black and red available.

Basic Skully-Black,olive,red available.
Remember when the line debuted and the skullys sold out in 20 minutes!

Dough Beanie-Black
Cash wrap Scarf-Black

Round 2 who's ready for this one?

Suplex Square Bandana-Black

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