Thursday, 18 June 2009

Reporting live!

Yo so I'm reporting live from ATL with Skavenger Brandon!
Been on the grind all day with family! 
Hit up Walters and Wish with the sneaker friends!
Walters by far has my respect for the holding it down since 1952! 
I walked in their backroom and peeped some Foamposite Pro Pearls from 02!

All day we've been shooting Mayor TV!
Its been crazy!
Major announcements with Mayor and Corporate coming soon!

We hit Varsity today and I had a burger recommended by T.D!
Shout out to Sneaker Queen, Dunk Junkie, Safe(Mi Gente), and Pete(Shoe Gallery).

Wish was cool and I believe they have something coming up with my Play Cloths family!
They have a very impressive shop and I believe Big Sean now when he told me it was one of the dopest he'd seen! Me too!
Also, ran through Sk8tique and Vinnie Styles.
Mad I missed out visiting Standard but time was restricting!

Final stop was the radio station where I was introduced to Decatur Dan, Matt(Nice Kicks), and oh yeah Mr. Greg Hustle(Street). It was super dope! 

Cincinnati don't think I'm not repping you everywhere I go! 
We got that shout out on Street's hour in the A!

It's going down tonight at Sneaker Friends. 

P.S We've been ridin to Fly Union all day too!
I put on for my city and my people!

P.P.S Don't think I won't be back in the shop tomorrow to open and kill it with the Play Cloths accessories! The duffle is soooooo sick! The bookbag is infuego! The wallets, passport holder and business card holders are for the grown men!

Steppin right off the plane and back in the shop!

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