Friday, 19 June 2009

We'd like to send our condolences...

I'd like to send our condolences to the friends and family of Terry Stuckey.
Terry began to visit Corporate through some of his best friends and immediately you could tell how close all of them were. If you saw one you'd see the rest of em within hours. Terry was a cousin to one of my friends growing up and we recognized each other from the neighborhood we grew up in. Terry was a very friendly dude and had really started taking an interest in Corporate. As pictured he was a little bigger guy so often it was hard for him to fit certain brands but he kept coming in even if it was to say whats up. Terry, you'll be missed sir. I appreciate the short stint we'd known each other and I know you are in a better place!

There is a Terry Stuckey Memorial Fund set up at Fifth Third.

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