Saturday, 7 November 2009

Friday night fun...

When you live a good life you always gotta give back...
Well as we know the holidays are coming up and I am
just warming up wit the giving back! Stay tuned for the details they will help you secure upcoming releases!

I'm going to reward everyone for their giving this year believe that!

So last night I was showing Schwallie some of the collection and began finding boxes to shoes that I was thinking someone might enjoy! So immediately I had thought of a dope contest. I want everyone to know about the culture that Cincinnati holds in the sneaker world. So I announced I needed to know the names of the sneakers and facts about them. Immediately, I had everyone looking for the answers on the shoes. It was a good time, we had so many people searching and you could tell as I think I added 50 new followers in 20 minutes! LOL After the first winner was announced for The Alien Workshop FC designed by Tony Heitz I decided why not go for round 2!

So I decided to give away a shoe that I thought I'd hold onto forever. I gave up the Da Nasty Air Force 1 in the 2nd contest. I needed 5 facts about the company in which helped make the shoe with Nike.This shoe was signed by Larry Driscoll (1 of 2 owners) for our shop when we opened as I always looked up to them.
I feel I know what Cincinnati can be capable of, so why shouldn't someone else!

Congrads to the winners @portchy and @therza2169!

Don't know if we'll ever do anything like this again but anything is possible!
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