Monday, 9 November 2009

Now In Ackwoledge...

To all those looking for a great item for a great price...
Proceed to scroll down and enjoy Acknowledge.

P.S. I'm done with the just posting pics I'm gonna start goin in and trying to help you visually piece together how we recommend our items worn.
If I'm gonna sell you on an item on our blog we're going to do it like you were in the shop
B-Sides- white
Clean lil design for the cats that just enjoy the culture.
You love music and attractive females this tee is for you.
The material is nice as well soft feel and the colors really pop.

Juice Thermal-infrared
The isn't your tight body thermal you get for under shirts. This is a thermal material that stretches good to give you a clean look over a tee and or a button up. If I find the pic of how I can see this worn I'll post. Come in and check it out for yourself though. If you are in need of that hard to find color to match up to classics this is the shirt to do it with. Don't knock it til you try it!

Carlton sweater-black
LOL yes the Carlton sweater. Trust its dumb fresh! I don't see these lasting whether you're style is grown man or you need that joint to impress the opposite sex.
Oh yeah notice I'm not mentioning prices, because you aren't going to jump out the window over it.

Fresh Prince-white/multi
Yessir the designers are influenced by classics so why not twist a flannel with a color blocking that definitely gets attention?
The sleeves also are easy to roll back to show the forearm, you gotta do that right? Especially when your rock a ill g-shock or Meister!(shameless plug).

Nitro Jacket-yellow
The jacket is going to grab attention and the right way.
Please don't rock these with all yellow shoes though.
This joint is a lightweight jacket to so through a tee underneath and step out.

Now I don't bring in too much denim because there aren't too many that catch a sneakerhead and a tastemakers attention. So when you goin against Levi and random jeans you gotta come fa real. Fit, pricing and everything else. Its gotta be a jean that is going to get you right. Well here are what we recommend. Come in and try them on.

Sizing available:M-3x

As always need a piece hit us up!

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